Arduous research

I recently returned from a trip to Prague where I busied myself in libraries, archives and museums swotting up material for future Slonský adventures.

There may also have been the occasional glass of local hop-based product and a sausage or two.

It’s been a few years since I was last there and there have been some changes, but that’s one reason why the Slonský stories are set in 2006-2010 – I don’t have to try to keep up to date so long as I’m true to that time.

I had my notes for Slonský 6 with me and I also found a setting and opening for Slonský 7, which was an added (and unexpected) bonus.

Thanks to all those who have left reviews of my books. I live by word of mouth, so please keep telling your friends how good my books are until they weaken and buy their own.


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