Links and hints

This is an extremely eclectic and unstructured list of links I’ve found interesting.

First, there’s my publishers: Sapere Books. Subscribe to their newsletter if you’re interested in crime, historical fiction, romance or, basically, books.

If historical fiction is your thing you might enjoy the Discovering Diamonds blog. I’m not saying that just because they gave Death in Delft a great review though clearly if they hadn’t I wouldn’t draw your attention to it.

Plainly I don’t write crime fiction of the golden age of detection but my son writes a very knowledgeable blog (Mysteries Ahoy!) about it that is well worth a look.

My fellow author Val Holmes has a fascinating website with a number of interviews with other writers.

Some more of my fellow authors:

Liz Bailey                                            David Beckler                               J C (Jean) Briggs

Jane Cable                                         Michael Fowler                               Simon Michael

Ros Rendle                                         James Silvester                             Linda Stratmann

Alexandra Walsh